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Plan a rewarding future with Destination Pet

We help veterinary practice owners sell their business without worry or regret. If you want to focus less on paperwork and more on pets, we have your solution. Get a free valuation and let us help plan a more rewarding future.

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We empower our doctors with clinical and brand autonomy so they can maintain their vision and provide the best care for their patients.

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Our medical leadership consists of clinically experienced DVMs who understand what veterinarians need.

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Expert back-office support for marketing, finance, accounting, payroll, IT, HR, and legal service to give local management the freedom to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences

How selling works:

initial conversation

1. Initial conversation

sign an nda

2. Sign an NDA

Collect financials

3. Collect financials

complete valuation

4. Complete valuation

discuss offer

5. Discuss offer